Business is hard-Lessons learned from the Kickstart Accounting, Inc Team

What we learned:


  1. Just get started

  2. Pivot in your business-learn what works and what doesn’t work and then constantly adjust

  3. Pick up the phone

  4. Create processes for the business you are going to be not the business you are today

  5. Know your numbers

  6. Pick Key Partners

Learn from all of your mistakes!  No seriously I mean all of them. We have learned so much over the last four years. We have grown as a firm and have been dedicated to improving our company everyday as we learn what works and doesn’t work.

  1. Just get started. When we started Kickstart Accounting, Inc. we just started, we didn’t spend months and months planning and creating business plans and fancy designs and websites. We just started and said we would change our business and our brand as we learned who we are. Wow are we so glad we did that. We have tailored our brand and messaging throughout the years to align with the clients who were attracted to us rather than trying to speak to a group of entrepreneurs who did not want to do business with us. Learn and then pivot your business.

  2. We see so many business owners stuck in planning mode and resisting getting started until they have EVERYTHING right. Once these business owners have decided on a plan they are reluctant to pivot in their business. We set quarterly planning sessions to review our financials and our business. We determine what tactics are working and what is not working and then we pivot and get rid of what’s not working. We are all so busy we cannot be spending our energy doing tasks that are not serving our business growth.

  3. Pick up the phone. In this world we are all hiding behind email and online personas. In 2019 we are making a diligent effort to get on video calls with our clients and prospects and wow is that already paying dividends in our business and client relationships. I encourage everyone to get up out of their house and talk to people and truly network and get on the phone and really establish relationships with people. Lindsay and I have always made a point to talk regularly because we know that it’s a key to our successful relationship.

  4. Create processes for the business you are going to be not the business you are today. We really learned this the hard way. We should have been implementing the processes we needed to support our growing business before we got so busy rather than reacting after we got busy. Set yourself up for success and create a system of processes. Think about what your are using for payroll, time tracking, project management, inventory management, sales tracking/invoicing, customer collections, and team communication.

  5. Know your numbers. This is a funny one to us. We run an accounting firm but we did not have anyone doing our bookkeeping and we were the last ones to look at our numbers because we were prioritizing helping everyone else. What a mistake. We now have a member of our team doing our bookkeeping and providing us with our monthly financial statements and key performance indicators so that we know where we stand. You have to know what you did in order to understand where you are going. Cash is king in a business so knowing your numbers and what obligations you have coming up is a key aspect of your growing your business.

  6. Pick key partners- It’s true you become who you surround yourself with so surround yourself with the right people. Choose business partners that you will be able to communicate and grow with. Choose your staff who will help you elevate your business and choose manufacturers and service providers who will help you create the quality product and service you want to bring to the world.